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Online advice

We are offering our consultancy services online so you don’t need to spend time and money on physical meetings.


Documents database

We store all your documents so you always have them available. Just let us know which document you need.

Global approach

We assist clients all over the world with matters related to Denmark. Besides our online services, we are able to assist via our partners.


Fast and reliable

We always strive to help with fast advice, and if more time is needed, we assist with interim solutions.

Multiple specialities

We are experienced within a number of different business areas, including among others technology, retail, energy and entertainment.


Up to date

We are on top of the latest news, so you always get advice that is based on updated knowledge and expected developments.

Who we are & what we want




R ocket Advisory is a Danish lawfirm offering consultancy and advisory services to small and medium size businesses.

The company was established as an alternative to the traditional consultancies and provides a new way for startups to get the  advice they need without being ruined. We believe that young businesses rarely need isolated legal or business consultancy, but often need a combination of all.

With constant focus on risk management we advice on all levels of the business life cycle – from idea to lift off. Therefore, we are called Rocket Advisory.


Services we offer

O ur assistance spread across a wide range of areas, which we find difficult to boil down to a single punch line. In stead we present an overview of our main services.

We provide our services as case by case consultancy or ongoing advisory depending on your needs and wishes. Multiple cooperation and fee models are offered in order to suit you and your business.


Legal: 100%
Strategy: 90%
Finance: 80%
Management: 100%
Legal: 100%
Strategy: 90%
Finance: 80%
Management: 100%
L egal issues are inevitable when starting up a new business. As trained professionals we are experienced in many of these issues, and guide you around them or out of them.

Many startups are founded with very little cash and, therefore, one of the primary tasks of the founder is to manage liquidity and secure financing of the ongoing business. Through our experience and via our network we advice on finance models and assist in attracting investments.

No matter if you are basing you business strictly on the ‘minimum viable product’ model or you have produced a comprehensive business plan with detailed budgets and projections, the strategy of the business is the single most important part of a startup. We have worked with almost all kinds of businesses and are able to provide advice on how to structure your strategy.

All the preparation and hard work will amount to nothing if you don’t know how to manage you business. We assist with management tools and guidelines as well as specific advice on management issues.

R ocket Advisory is a consultancy and advisory agency with a fresh profile built on experience from top tier consultancies and industry leading enterprises as well as many years of working with startups.

We have assisted all sorts of clients – from the man with an idea and nothing else to the established company. No matter the size of the business, we provide quality answers and solutions to any given situation. Even if we cannot help you for some reason, we will do our best to guide you in the direction of someone who can.

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Where we work

R ocket Advisory is based in Denmarks capital, Copenhagen, but we provide all our services online in order to assist clients everywhere.

Recent years Copenhagen has become one of Europe’s tech hubs with a blooming startups scene. Part of the success comes from the great startup infrastructure and a steady access to skilled people. Therefore, we have chosen this as our base.

Denmark is ranked ‘Best in Europe’ and 3rd in the world for doing business – especially for small and medium size businesses. See the ranking here and the full report here.

Rocket Advisory is part of an international network of legal professionals providing consultancy or advisory services. Therefore, if you need assistance outside our area of operation, we can quickly set you up with someone that can help.